5th Gen Integra 23+(DE4)

5th Gen Integra 23+(DE4)

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This aluminum skid plate is a direct fit for your 5th Gen Integra. It replaces the OEM thin splash guard panel which offers little protection and generally has many problems, easy access for oil change. CNC laser cut to direct fit in the stock location. Slightly heavier than stock.

  • Safety.

    Consumers are solely and completely responsible for  properly installed on their vehicle along with any modifications necessary for the proper performance of the vehicle.

  • Fits

    All trims, Oem skid plate are base on the same platform.

  • Addition

    Sometimes the plain non-painted version may have some scratches in the back of the item from the manufacturer. The cosmetic face its always in great conditions.

  • Hardware

    8 u-clips nuts+8 bolts -2 bolts and washer for the oil change lid.